Trevor Applebaum

Trevor Missing Poster

Trevor Applebaum (born 01-24-1982) is the son of Yvette and Joseph Applebaum.

He went missing in Reforestation Area in May 1984 and a large search party has been issued.

However, Police have been unable to find and identify him to date.



Newspaper Article

Newspaper Article from 1985 about the search for Trevor

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Yvette Applebaum

Yvette Applebaum is Trevor's Mother

Yvette is the mother of Trevor. Following the disappearance of her son,

she mostly isolated herself as well as her only remaining child - her six year old daughter -

from the media in order to protect her already shattered family.







Joseph ('Joe') Applebaum


Trevor's father.

He is the one who shot the infamous Abduction-Video containing the creature

denominated as a blackbear by forest and police authorities.

He had a deep connection to Reforestation Area, even sponsoring the Hatchery.

(Joe owned his own pigeon loft in his home close to the Area)

He is also said to have been a great fan of sailing & boats.


Following Yvette's suicide, he distanced himself from his only remaining child

and eventually vanished entirely.. It is not known where he resides today.






Yvonne Applebaum


Yvette & Joe's only daughter.

She was taken into a foster family when her mother died & her father left her.





Recent Newspaper Article


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Applebaum-Family United (1983)

(left to right:) Trevor, Yvette, Yvonne

The Applebaum Family before the Tragedy

(photograph by Joe Applebaum)



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