This section is dedicated to the wealth of evidence I detected so far.

It is constantly updated. If you have further (hard!!!!!!) evidence or alternative explanations than what I came up with, email me: LoneWolf888@hotmail.com

This is NOT fake or fictional evidence!!!!!!!!!




Trevor Applebaum possibly caught on Surveillance Cam

The original CCTV-Video as found by me in 2005 within the archives of Reforestation Area's own Surveillance Room.

The footage shows a young child (assumed to be Trevor Applebaum) wandering alone in reforestation area at 2:53 a.m. from various camera angles. The video has a time signature of October 30th 1984, more than five months after Trevor's official disappearance.

It is considered the most solid piece of evidence in the conspiracy case, yet it's being completely ignored by authorities!





The infamous Abduction-Video shot by the Applebaum-Family in 1984 moments before Trevor's disappearance. The video was found by an unknown person & leaked onto various streaming-video-portals in early 2012.

It has since sparked a lot of discussion, most notably within cryptozoologist communities consider it proof of existence of a bigfoot- or sasquatch-like creature. Although the identity of the shown family members was confirmed, doubters still disregard the video as a hoax and the unknown creature as a man wearing a suit.

Regardless of the video's controversial content, investigation in the Applebaum-case was not re-opened.




This is the tape recovered from the camcorder I found on my July 2012 trip to the Area. The camcorder was located in the remains of a tunnel of the R.F. Mining-attraction. It is unknown who put it there. The tape is only about 3 minutes long but contains a disturbing image.

It was shot within the area believed to be the R.F. Hatchery by an unidentified German speaking woman (Thanks to DuisburgShadow1980 for identifying the language & translating!) who was apparently looking for a person named "Phil" or "Bill" at the time of shooting. The tape ends abruptly when the woman drops the camcorder to reveal the blurred image of what appears to be a tall creature (?) whose eyes are reflected by the camera's IR-Light.

It is not know what happened to the woman or the person she was looking for.



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