Thank you for visiting me at “Lost in the Woods- The Trevor Applebaum Conspiracy”.

My name is Brandon R. Sanderson. Some of you might also know me as “LoneWolf888”, since I prefer to work alone with my own elaborate way and style. After years of investigating in the paranormal field, I lately rediscovered a residual case which affected my own childhood.

Way before my first day at high school my father used to spend his free weekends with me in a nearby forestland called “Reforestation Area”. He taught me how to put up a tent and I still remember me being proud about setting up the first campfire on my own. But there came a weekend my father didn´t go camping with me, followed by another weekend and another one. Eventually my father told me about a little boy that had vanished without a trace inside that very same area, and in summer 1984 “Reforestation Area” closed down. I hit puberty, went to high school, went to college and forgot about the boy and the area, until I decided to go for one last hike there in my early 30s.


It was during that trip that I found a curious looking cassette within the Area's video-surveillance-room...



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